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                About istic

                Not-profit division








                Beijing Onebook Cultural Media CO.,LTD

                WanFang Data


                Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC)

                The Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) was founded in October, 1956 under an initiative proposed by the then senior state leaders, including the late Premier Zhou Enlai and the late Marshal Nie Rongzhen. As a national research and service institute subordinated to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), ISTIC is designed to provide decision making support to the government agencies that take care of S&T activities in the country, in addition to its mandate of providing comprehensive information services to industry, universities, research institutes, and research personnel. It has become a management and service center, an academic center, a training center, and an R&D and diffusion center in the area of information technology. It functions as a major pillar in the national science and technology innovation system, providing guidance to S&T activities and staging demonstrations for the same purpose.

                As of March 2011, ISTIC had a staff team of 571 people, working for 7 functional divisions, 6 public good departments, and 3 enterprises, mainly on the collection of domestic and foreign journals; policy studies based on factual data bases; theoretical and methodological studies in information science; sharing and management of science and technology information resource; development, application, and diffusion of knowledge technology and language technology; the development of large S&T information service platform; S&T personnel training and further education; and the management of some learned societies. The Institute had 431 researchers, with 46.5% of them possessing senior professional titles, and 36% master’s or a doctoral degrees. WANFANG DATA and ONEBOOK Cultural Media are the corporate businesses operated under ISTIC. ISTIC is also responsible for the daily operation and development of the National Engineering and Technology Library and the National Center for Utilization and Service of Science and Technology Information Resource. ISTIC has become an S&T information research and service institute that enjoys due influence and visibility both at home and abroad, thanks to the tireless efforts it has made in the past half century. ISTIC has been honored with an array of awards conferred by the national or provincial authorities, including 1 firstplace, 2 second-place, and 3 third-lace prizes for the National Scientific and Technological Advancement Award.

                ISTIC works hard to promote the development of S&T information industry, in line with the major national needs for the development of science and technology. Thanks to the enhanced capacity building in document resources, ISTIC has, as of 2010, collected 1.5 million domestic theses or dissertations, 220,000 overseas theses or dissertations, 100,000 conference proceedings in foreign languages, and 60,000 domestic conference proceedings. It has also collected 1.23 million copies of four major U.S. government reports published since 1958, and more than 4,000 titles/year of foreign journals. It has possessed some 300,000 reference books published abroad, and opened up 18 electronic platforms for reference search, including Web of Knowledge, CA, NSI, NTIS, EI, INSPEC, among others. ISTIC has created 33 fulltext databases, covering more than 7,500 titles of full-text digitized journals and 1,000 titles of proceedings, and made them available to the public access. Meanwhile, the Institute enjoys the collection of some 4,000 monographs or papers authored and donated by more than 1,000 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Of the digital collections possessed by the Institute, the abstracts, published either at home or abroad, reached 45.23 million entries, with an annual addition up to 3.3 million entries. Chinese and foreign citations have risen to 82.86 million entries, with an annual addition of 15.5 million entries. The full-text collections reached 34.86 million in number, with a data volume up to 40TB. Meanwhile, WANFANG DATA, an ISTIC holding company working on S&T information resources, has established 66 databases, covering journals, theses or dissertations, and conference proceedings, and created more than 100 databases to house S&T achievements, S&T videos, research institution lists, and S&T laws, with the full text collections of journals, theses or dissertations and conference proceedings hitting more than 22 million entries, and secondary literature data reaching 100 million entries, which boosted the total resources collected by WANFANG DATA to 20TB.

                Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all walks of life and my colleagues both at home and abroad for their sustained support. 2013 is a critical year for the implementation of the national science and technology development plan for the 12th five-year period. ISTIC will strive to make new contributions to the realization of the scientific development, and to the implementation of innovation driven development strategies, with deepening reform as the momentum and scientific management as the support.

                In 2002, ISTIC became part of the campaign to reform the non-profit research institutes at the national level. Sticking to the philosophy of “building ISTIC with increasing resources, strengthening ISTIC by technology, thriving ISTIC by talents, and managing ISTIC by law”, ISTIC advocates a deepened reform, enhancing the capacity building of scientific research activities, public good services, decision making support, and R&D activities in a sustainable manner. During the 11th five-year plan period, ISTIC has published 971 papers in major domestic journals, with 69 papers being collected by internationally renowned indexes, including SCI, SSCI, EI, ISTP, and ISSHP. The Institute has been assigned to 19 major projects financed by the National Social Science Foundation of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Postdoctoral Fund. Meanwhile, researchers were contracted to work on a range of major projects under the National S&T Support Program for the 11th and 12th five-year plan periods, the National 863 Program, and a major S&T program initiated by the PRC General Administration of Press and Publication. The massive S&T information resources possessed by the Institute, including domestic and overseas theses or dissertations, conference proceedings, journals, four major U.S. government reports, and the works donated by academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, provide a powerful support to the research activities in the country. An array of databases created by the Institute, covering citation based knowledge lingkage, world high-impact journals, international science and technology policies and innovations, regional innovation in China, high caliber Chinese S&T personnel, domestic S&T projects, and domestic invention patents, makes the needed data available for decision making support to S&T authorities. The science and technology reports prepared by ISTIC have been honored with the comments and instructions made by state leaders. The initiatives to develop the key technologies for a range of systems, including S&T documentation service system, Chinese S&T terminology system, and DOI system, have resulted in an array of proprietary patents, computer software copyrights, tools, and models, such as China sustainable development model, technological innovation decision making support system, and new energy vehicle terminology system. The efforts have enhanced the Institute’s capability of producing more proprietary technologies. An innovative methodology designed to facilitate S&T information studies, featured with “factual data + special methods and tools + specialists’ wisdom”, has been applied and diffused in the S&T information field.

                Sticking to the philosophy of opening to the outside world, ISTIC has embarked on a range of exchange and cooperation programs with its counterparts both at home and abroad. For example, ISTIC has established a regular exchange mechanism with many domestic universities, including Peking University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Jilin University, Dalian University of Technology among others, in an attempt to share the proven experience in teaching, research, talents recruitment, and academic exchanges. China Science and Technology Information Network, a system designed to share the results and findings stemmed from the S&T information institutions across the country, has connected the S&T information institutions in 29 provinces, and has become a major hub to share S&T information findings across the country.

                ISTIC started to enrol graduate students in information science in 1978, the first instance of its kind in the country. It is authorized to confer master’s degree to the graduate students who study library science, information science, and archive management. In 2002, ISTIC was approved by the then Ministry of Personnel Affairs to establish the first post-doctoral research station for library science, information science, and archive management in a non-university organization in the country. Meanwhile, it has initiated a range of projects to allow people to study part-time postgraduate courses for obtaining a master’s degree, exchange visiting scholars, and make research internships available for college students. ISTIC has brought out numerous talented people specialized in library science, information science, public administration, and information resources management, and become a national academic and training center for S&T information field.

                ISTIC is representing China being part of a range of international organizations, including the UNESCO Information for All Program (IFAP), the International Commission on Science and Technology Information (ICSTI), and Asia Pacific Information Network (APIN). It has established an ISTIC-Thomson Reuters Laboratory for Scientometrics, in collaboration with Thomson-Reuters Technology; an ISTIC-MI Research Centre, in collaboration with the Millennium Institute in the United States; and a regular cooperation and exchange mechanism with Japan Science and Technology Agency and Korea Science and Technology Information Institute. Having been a sponsor of International Conference on S&T Information Resources Sharing (COINFO) for many years, ISTIC is working hard to make COINFO an influential international academic conference in the circle. In addition, ISTIC has fostered long-term working relationships with the research institutes in more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada and Japan, making it a major international cooperation and exchange window for S&T information activities.

                ISTIC will work with domestic and overseas partners under a more opened mentality, enhancing the capacity building of the Institute as a culture and as a tradition, under the momentum of reform and innovation. It will enhance its role as a major player in the following four aspects: support the decision making in the area of science and technology with quality information and data, allowing the decision making process to be more scientific and more democratic; be a reliable S&T information provider in the knowledge innovation system enjoying the combined strength of scientific research and higher education, gearing up the pace to raise the level of S&T information study and service; be a good supporter in the technological innovation system featured with industry as a major player and the market the guidance, enjoying the combined strength of industry, universities and research institutes, and contributing to the enhancement of industrial competitiveness; and be a major player in the socialized and well connected S&T intermediary service system, strengthening the capacity building of S&T information sharing platform, and spurring up the development of information service agencies. Meanwhile, efforts will be made to enhance the capacity building of public good services, providing full-range quality information services, raising the decision making support capability of information services, and providing improved services to government agencies. Efforts will also be made to enhance the capacity building of S&T innovation, raising the development level of S&T information industry. It is also important to raise the capability of scientific management, further deepening the reform of research management, personnel system, and corporate management system, mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of S&T personnel, accelerating the development of S&T information enterprise, and rendering greater contributions to indigenous innovations and to building an innovative country!

                Address: No.15 Fuxing Road, Beijing, 100038 CHINA
                Tel:+86-10-58882589    Fax:+86-10-58882590
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